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Contact Address
Marquardt GmbH
Schloss-Straße 16
D-78604 Rietheim-Weilheim

Tel: +49 (0) 7424/99-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7424/99-2399

Trade Register
District Court Stuttgart Register number: HRB 450295

VAT identification number
DE 142 938 930

Dr. Harald Marquardt, CEO 
Jochen Becker

Chairman of the Board
Rainer Hundsdoerfer

Legal Advice
Marquardt GmbH proofs and approves the information on its website constantly. Despite all caution, however, the data may have changed in between. Marquardt GmbH cannot assume liability, nor can it guarantee the currency, accuracy or completeness of the information which has been placed on the website for your convenience.

The same is true for all other websites that can be accessed from a hyperlink from Marquardt GmbH. Because of this connection, Marquardt GmbH cannot be held responsible.

Furthermore, Marquardt GmbH reserves the right to change or amend any of the information given.

© Marquardt GmbH, Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany. All rights reserved. Provided contents, such as texts, pictures, graphics, tone, video and animation data, as well as related arrangements, are all covered under laws of intellectual property protection. Copying or amending of the website or its content is only permitted with previous written approval from Marquardt GmbH and only in compliance with the original material and dates. Without this written permission, the contents of the website cannot be copied, changed or forwarded to a third party for commercial purposes.
The contents of the pages of this internet domain originate in part from a third party, which does not permit further duplication or distribution.  As for the original or other sites that are attached as links, these do not represent the viewpoint or opinion of Marquardt GmbH.  The intellectual property is protected by various rights, such as patents, copyrights and trademark laws of Marquardt GmbH.