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Find the right foot switches, key switches, pushbottom switches, tact switches, snap-action switches, toggle switches, slide switches an sensors for your application in our Marquardt web-shop.

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Rocker switches
  • Double and three- pole rocker switch
  • Double-pole rocker switches IP 65
  • Miniature double-pole rocker switches
  • Single - pole rocker switches
  • Single and double-pole rocker switches
  • Single-pole rocker switches
  • Single-pole round rocker switches
  • Smallest single-pole rocker switches
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Pushbutton switches
  • Round pushbutton switches
  • Single and double-pole pushbutton switches
  • Single-pole pushbutton switches
To overview Pushbutton switches
Toggle switches
  • Double pole toggle switches
  • Single and double-pole toggle switches
  • Single-pole toggle switches
  • Three-pole toggle switches
To overview Toggle switches
Foot switches
  • Ergonomic foot switches
  • IP 65 protected foot switch
To overview Foot switches
Slide switches
  • Double and four-pole slide switches
To overview Slide switches
Snap-action switches
  • Miniature snap-action switch
  • Miniature snap-action switches
  • One pole snap-action switches
  • Open snap-action switches
  • Rotary shaft snap-action switches
  • Single-pole snap-action switches
  • Snap-action switches
  • Snap-action switches IP 67
  • Subminiatur Snap-Action Switch IP 67
  • Subminiature snap-action switches
  • Subsubminiature snap-action switches IP 67
To overview Snap-action switches
Tact and key switches
  • Key switches
To overview Tact and key switches
  • Analogue pressure sensors
  • Flow sensors
To overview Sensors
  • Dummy pieces, frames and housings
  • Identification plates
  • Key caps
  • Levers
  • Other
  • Parallel guides + LED holders
  • Protection caps, seals and insulating plates
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