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Find the right foot switches for your Application in our Marquardt web-shop. Get detailed information about foot switches quickly and easily.

Foot switches

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Series 2410
  • Ergonomic foot switches
  • to 6 (2.5) A 250 V AC
  • Long life endurance up to 300 000 mechanical switching cycles
  • Robust design
  • Cable can be retrofitted by customer
  • Ergonomical dimensions with different operating forces
  • With wall hanger
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Series 2420
  • IP 65 protected foot switch
  • to 16 (16) A 250 V AC 5E4
  • Protected against dust and water (IP 65)
  • Snap-action switching system, tried and tested a million times
  • Compact design with clearly discernable tactile feedback, robust and anti-slip, screw holes for fixing to the floor (optional)
  • Versions for low DC signal currents, up to ratings of 16 A 250 V AC
  • Wide range of switching functions, with and without cables
  • Modern switch design, rocker available in different colors, can be printed to customer specifications
  • Cable assembly on customer side
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